About Us

Welcome to SATO South America. We are the South America travel specialist providing tailor-made vacation packages to all major South American destinations. Traveling with SATO South America allows you to;

Our Tours

  • Fully customize your itinerary
  • Deal with South America based travel consultants
  • Rely on experts to maximize your vacation time
  • Cut out the middlemen and minimize costs
  • Plan with professionals having a traveler focussed mindset
  • Be informed with up-to-date advice and honest opinions
  • Enjoy 247 local travel assistance in any destination

Who we are

SATO stands for “South America Travels Online” and that is exactly what we do. We are the go-to online travel agent for your next South America adventure. Whether you are looking to climb Huayna Picchu Mountain, hike the Perito Moreno Glacier, stargaze at the Uyuni Salt Flats or dance the night away during the carnival in Rio, we can offer it all. Instead of having to consult different resources, with us you have it all at your fingertips. Our professional trained team of travel consultants know the continent as their back pocket and therefore have seen the sights, enjoyed the services and slept at the hotels we offer. If whatever you would be looking to discover or experience is located between the Darrien Gap and Tierra del Fuego, get in touch and let us work our magic.

With offices both in Lima and Cusco as well as regional representatives all over South America it would be an almost impossible task to present everyone. Nonetheless, following you can meet some of our key people making SATO the highly reputable organization it is.

Vanessa; born and raised in Cusco Peru, she studied Tourism both in Peru and abroad and is very much in touch with the tourist industry in South America and beyond. Her years of experience in the hotel industry make her an expert in qualifying the hotels we work with and this is the kind of expertise our passengers appreciate. She is our personal contact with all hotels and operators and an important resource when it comes to the details of your trip. And we all know that the difference often lies in the details.

Stephen; born and raised in Ireland, Stephen is our in-house IT specialist and web-designer. He has lived and worked in several South American countries where he was in charge of elaborating multiple tourism websites and initiatives for a range of international companies. Nowadays he decided call Peru home and to put his years of experience in web design & South American tourism to use for the SATO website family.

Stanley; native from the highlands between Cusco and Puno, Stanley is our unmissable local Cusco contact making sure that every operation runs smooth and flawless and that all reservations and bookings have been made and double checked. He is the one behind the scene making sure that our passengers feel guided and assisted all throughout their trip with us.

Boris; born and raised in the Sacred Valley of the Incas Boris is for most of our travelers their main contact once they get to Cusco. A professional in tourism with more than a decade of experience Boris is the man you want to speak to if you would need any assistance during your time in Peru. Boris is guaranteed to go the extra mile to make sure your expectations are being met.

Yesenia; also from Cusco, Yesenia is the person that makes sure that our Cusco offices runs as a Swiss clock. Guide and driver evaluations, new services, specialty operators and the administration of these is what’s on her plate daily. This is the reason why she truly knows the ins and outs of all the details organizing an unforgettable trip involves.

Seppe; originally from Belgium but thriving in South America for more than a decade, Seppe is our sales manager. Looking at the process from a traveler’s perspective, he makes sure that the planning process is as impeccable and flawless as the actual travel services themselves. Making sure that all travel consultants provide a punctual, personal and detailed service; providing the travel consultants with continuous training and guidance as well as selecting and evaluating the hotels we work with are all part of his job description.

Matthew; originally from England, Matthew has traveled the South America continent as few others. Being a semiprofessional blogger he wandered the continent for years providing his followers with great background and in depth travel information about the many destinations this continent has to offer. Nowadays he decided to call Peru home and apply his first hand insights to make sure that our travelers truly get the trip of a lifetime.